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Hey there!


I'm Taylor Davis, and I'm so glad you found Saorsa Creative.

Nothing is more important than your idea, your happiness, and your freedom. 

All I've ever wanted to do is tell stories - and when I grew up that turned me into a content creation junkie. 

Quickly, I discovered the rigid 9-5 structures most of us have to adhere to, and as a child who grew up outside the normal school system and learning on her own, I didn't understand why we needed such difficult rules. 

That didn't stop me from loving stories or sharing great ideas - in fact, one thing I love more is helping other people share their ideas. 

I started Saorsa Creative because I wanted to build a community where artists, entrepreneurs, creatives, writers and anyone else could thrive in all areas of their life and share their ideas with the world. 

If "travel the world", "start a blog", "write a book", "build a business", "live on my own terms", or "be happy" is on your to-do list, then you're in the right place. 


Why Saorsa Creative?

"Saorsa" is Scots-gaelic for "Freedom" and I wanted a name that filled you up with a sense of wonder and purpose as you shared your idea. 

I've observed a lot of different cultures, work environments, and learning styles, and I've noticed a pattern in everything we do - that affects everything we do. If we focus on them, we can accomplish anything. Our ideas will thrive if you incorporate them properly.

I call them...

The 5 C's of a Thriving Life

Clarity - Connection - Communication - Culture - Creativity

Approaching each piece of content you share with these things in mind will help you build your idea into an epic piece of the Universe. Adding each of these into your daily life will help you develop a better awareness, balance, and feeling of pride in everything you do.

You'll be able to create better content, form an ideal environment, make an impact on the world, connect with some badass people, and bring a presence to your life like you've never seen before.

Because life shouldn't suck. It shouldn't be so fucking hard.

It's as simple as you make it. 

But it requires focusing and incorporating 5 aspects into everything you do.

You ready? 


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Find Clarity

How do you move forward without knowing what you want? 

Your Saorsa journey needs a little clarity first. 

Dive into your deepest desires  - in your work, relationships, ideas and much more. Discover how your energy works with you - and how the habits you have work against you. Develop better alternatives to move forward and create the ideal future you want. 


Communicate Effectively

Your idea can't become reality if you don't know how to communicate effectively.

Discover how to listen to your body, your mind and other areas of your life that are giving you direction. Learn how to create content that gets your idea across to your community and much more.


Connect with Your Tribe

Friends. Neighbors. Customers. Community. 

Develop genuine connections with the people around you, and you'll see how far your idea can go, how well your life can thrive, and the success of your business. 


Develop Culture

Understand cultures unlike your own.

Create the environment you've always wanted. 

What you surround yourself with genuinely affects every aspect of your life. Discover inspiring parts of other cultures around the world, in business, and much more so you can thrive. 


Explore Your Creatvity

Creativity is whatever you want it to mean. 

What's that idea that you dream of? The one that you'd rather be working on instead of working 9-5? Learn how to explore that, turn it into something epic and use it to build your ideal life. 



Hey, I'm Taylor!

Call me your starry-eyed idealist…That gets shit done.

I’m here to help shine a light on your ideas, point out the genius in your own mind, and show you how you can share your ideas with the world. 

Here's the thing: What we want in life is usually staring us in the face, knocking on the walls of our mind like, “Hello? Are you listening because I’m getting a bit frustrated here, you asshat.”

We just have teflon walls, and that voice bounces off them, knocking itself out for a while. When that voice – our true self – is down for the count, that’s when we think it’s okay to stay in the Mediocre Medium stage of life, instead of flying toward our true potential.

The thing is – it’s easier for other people to point out our true potential, our genius ideas, and our path to a better life than it is for us to see. We’ve been ignoring the knocking for too long. We’re numb, exhausted, frustrated, and stuck.

That’s where I come in.

Consider me your sledgehammer – and it’s time to knock down those walls.

I’m here to listen to you, and from our talks, we’ll work together to devise a plan to help you move forward in your life and business.

Your ideas are your saving grace, your breath of fresh air.

Ideas are what make or break your business, what creates your best-selling novel, and what determine how your life plays out. It attracts your readers, your audience, your customers.

We’re going to get a plan laid out for you, dive into your idea, and move you forward on your awesome path.

The Struggle

It’s real. I know. When I started my business or every time I sat down to write a new story, I wanted someone to brainstorm with. I thought, “Why isn’t there just a person I can discuss my business with and break through these damn blocks. Ugghhhh…”

Well, now there is. I'm here to help you develop your ideas.

There are plenty of free resources to help you brainstorm by yourself, or you can join me in a one-on-one session.