13 Books You Need to Read in 2018 if You’re Finally Ready to Make a Change


Ready to get some kickass books to add to your reading list this year? 

Release your inner book junkie with my recommendations!

Word of advice: Add all these books to your reading list this year. You won’t regret it.



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Adventures for Your Soul

For a long time I wasn’t reading. I didn’t understand what made me stop - busyness I think - but when I started paying attention again, I picked up Adventures for Your Soul by Shannon Kaiser.

Now, I wasn’t into self-help. I was more of a fiction girl, but this how-to guide was a breath of fresh air. The full title includes 21 Ways to Transform Your Habits and Reach Your Full Potential, which was definitely what I needed.

Have you ever felt like there was something holding you back from your epic life? You had some idea in your head about what your life should look like - or would look like one day - but you never seem to move closer to that ideal future.

This book will jumpstart your journey.

You’ll focus a lot on the emotional aspect of your life, pinpoint what’s keeping you in that place, and move toward joy.

Big Magic

Creative Living Beyond Fear. What could it hurt, right?

Boy was I wrong.

I flipped through the pages, voraciously taking in each tip and introspective piece of advice. Little did I realize that Big Magic was ripping the comfortable blanket from me, leaving me with the cold stark truth.

There were no excuses left not to freely express my creativity.

Big Magic is a gorgeous creation from Elizabeth Gilbert’s own struggles and fears. She wrote it for herself, not us, and it’s all about removing the pressure you’re putting on yourself to save the world. Instead, just create these beatuiful things and share your idea because you need to. Your creativity is calling you.

If you feel like you’re drowning in your own excuses, or feel like you have to know everything to share, then this book will be your wakeup call.

Plus I really loved the idea that creativity is a being you can connect with.

It’s trying to be your friend, just like fear (even though that bitch is annoying).

The Universe Has Your Back

I started reading The Universe Has Your Back at the tail end of 2017.

It’s a bit woo woo, don’t get me wrong, but there was something oddly calming about each line in it. Gabrielle Bernstein is all about working with the Universe to achieve your goals, which coincided with my own thoughts.

The Universe has a way of pointing out the obvious, making you listen, and giving you guidance. This book only amplified my observation. It’s all about saying “Yes” to love, which is a struggle many of us face. I thought it was hogwash, but the more I read, the more I realized that I did have a problem letting love into my life, and facing things through a lens of love.

You might, too.

Or you might not.

Either way, give it a shot.

It’ll move you toward a more purposeful presence in the world.

I recommend you take it line by line. Don’t rush through it. Work each sentence into your brain and your breath. It’s an easy read, short and can easily be a discussion if you have a book club or something similar.

Firestarter Sessions

I LOVE Danielle LaPorte - and I didn’t even know who she was two years ago.

Her unique style and connection with her purpose provides you with extensive guidance to living your best life. The Fire Starter Sessions is a guide for you to create success on your own terms. I have to say that unlike a lot of self-help books, Danielle LaPorte’s style is unlike any I’ve seen.

Bold statements and questions in this book helped me cut through a lot of the haze overtaking my life.

It offers you a chance to take a leap of courage and be honest with your epic self, which is definitely something we all need this year.

Light your inner fire, you badass you.

This book will be your match.

The Desire Map

I’m not obsessed, I swear.

The Desire Map is another amazing Danielle LaPorte creation that helps you figure out what you actually want in life.

Hone in on your desires this year by creating a map to your best life. This holistic guide shows you how to tap into the primal desires and core feelings you may only be tasting in your day to day life.

It’s all about expressing your soul, and help you open up to the goodness in life.

Passion and desire lead you everyday, but sometimes we have to remember to check in. This book is a great guide for you to do that.

She has a print book or you can get the ebook if you're a digital reader.

You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

The stark yellow cover threw me off, but the title pulled me back in.

And words on every single page kept me captive through the entire book.

You are a Badass by Jen Sincero is an actionable, funny, and kickass guide to realizing the inner epic bitch you are.

I’ve read it twice.

I go back to it often.

Confession: I’m attracted to anything that has a swear word.

Book titles. Movies. Articles. Quotes.

Seriously it’s a problem, but this book did not disappoint. I realized while reading it that all of us are badasses in our own way if we are brave enough to share it.

This book will give you hilarious stories, and several tips at the end of each chapter to move you forward this year. It’ll be the kick in the pants you need when you’re on your break from that job you hate, and fill your head with all kinds of whimsical ideas to add to your life.

I AM THAT GIRL by Alexis Jones

I Am That Girl by Alexis Jones is a kindhearted guide that connects all women.

The feminist in me loved the title, but after reading the story in this book, I felt more empowered than ever.

I’m all about connecting with your purpose and passion. This book covers body image issues, female empowerment, navigating career bumps, building boundaries, and reaching for our true potential.

This book helped me learn so much about myself, like how much I kept to myself and the stories I told myself growing up as a girl. The positivity made me want to share it with niece, and join groups in the local charter and online.

Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Have you ever been at a great place in your life and everything suddenly goes wrong?

You’re killin’ it at work or home, then all of a sudden you get sick.

Your mind goes haywire.

You start a fight with your best friend or loved one.

That’s the “Upper Limit Problem” that this book talks about.

Among others, Big Leap by Gay Hendricks was one of the first books I read when I got into self-help. Hendricks talks about how when things are going great for us, we tend to spoil it unconsciously.

We revert to old patterns, and hit this wall where we can’t go any further because we’re living an old story that’s holding us back. He goes into the “Zone of Genius” that we all have, yet a lot of us don’t fully live in because of the UL Problem.

But that Zone is where you feel confident.

You flow.

Your energy is in sync with your purpose.

And that’s what you need this year - stop letting your Upper Limit Problem hold you back and live in that amazing zone that you thrive in.  

The Magic of Thinking Big by

The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz is all about strengthening the power of belief inside yourself.

I once thought that “believe you can do something and you can” mentality was a bunch of bullshit, but I’ve figured out that’s not true.

Belief is powerful.

It’s is the difference between success or failure to progress.

Belief is why people don’t lose weight, publish that book or start that business.

It’s also how you grow.

This part got me - “Belief works this way. Belief, the "I'm-positive-I-can" attitude, generates the power, skill, and energy needed to do. When you believe I-can-do-it, the how-to-do-it develops.”

For someone who struggled with the “how” question ALL THE TIME, I could relate.

This book has actionable tips to give life to your ideas, and help you move forward. This year, that’s something we all need.

Read this book to build that belief.

Get Rich Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield Thomas

Much like “You Are a Badass”, this book had a swear word that I could connect with, so I was hooked.

I was not disappointed!

Get Rich Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas is all about releasing those money blocks holding you hostage.

If you don’t know this already, I’m all about finding the flow in life, energy and things that make you feel awesome. This book fit that to a T!

It lead me to check out her website, LuckyBitch.com, where I found out about her lovely Australian accent - BONUS! Now I listen to her podcast, read her blog posts, and participate in some of her lovely challenges.

The funny thing is, I didn’t think I even had money blocks because I’m great with money, budgeting and finance in general. This book showed me the stories I was telling myself that were holding me back from my first class life.

It can do this same for you.

The Power of Full Engagement by

I just finished this one at the end of 2017 and I loved it. 

Engagement is something we’re lacking nowadays.

Your work life is draining you.

Jobs aren’t keeping you interested.

You’re irritated in relationships.

Your emotions are off-kilter.

Everything is connected, and this book uses AMAZING tools to help you use energy in a way that works for you.

The Power of Full Engagement was created based on this idea of training your work and home life the same way athletes train. Creating rituals that allow you to stress your body, followed by rest, and focusing on values in your life that will help you perform better in your life.

The best part were the examples that helped me design my own plan to feel engaged at my job.

You’ll be able to manage your energy, instead of focusing on time - because that’s the key here.


It’s all about managing energy, and this book was created by coaches who spent years working with clients discovering that.

It’s less whimsical and a bit more knowledge-heavy, but worth it. It kept me note-taking until the very last page.

Now or Never: Your Epic Life in 5 Steps

Now or Never: Your Epic Life in 5 Steps is a book I took on a trip to Monterey, CA when I was feeling totally burned out in October.

I never heard of this book before - having found it on the shelf at the library - and the fun-loving vibe of the writers kept me interested.

I had to slow myself down so I could enjoy it over vacation.

Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles bring you thoughtful guide based on their 12-week successful online program. It’ll help you navigate life, overcome obstacles and create your ideal future.

The exercises and insights will make you take pause and ask yourself life-changing questions.

Get your notebook ready. You’re in for a ride. 

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