Are you stuck in an In-Between?

Let's talk about this anxiety-ridden space we feel stuck in. It could be days, weeks, even years before we realize that we've made no progress. Our life is simply sputtering along while our emotional grid is out of whack and the career or lifestyle we're living in doesn't fit anymore. 

You have an in-between = your life before you moved into your ideal career, lifestyle or experience. 

We're between two things...

A job and the career of our dreams. 

Our perpetual procrastination phase and the novel we want to publish. 

Between our comfortable mundane and the idea we want to share.

In-between who we were and who we're becoming. 

Sometimes this looks like mental breakdowns, fits of crying, lack of progress, or the subtle passage of time where we do nothing to get us where we want to go. 

Then there are those moments that pull you out of the in-between. For me that was a trip to Europe. For you it could be different. 

Does an in-between sound like something you've experienced? Listen to find out:

Did this audio spark anything for you? Leave me a comment below with what you discovered, or what your current in-between state is. 

Taylor DavisComment