6 Podcasts You Need to Find Clarity and Make Your 2018 Epic


Are you looking for podcasts that help you find clarity and connect with your purpose?

Well, I've been on quite the podcast kick this year, and I want you to take advantage of the great ones I've found. These podcasts are jam-packed with actionable tips, hacks, and thrilling advice from some top minds around the world. 

(Psst... I'd also like to hear some podcasts you're listening too. Don't forget to comment! 

Podcast 1: Pursuit with Purpose

Hosted by entrepreneur, Melyssa Griffin, Pursuit with Purpose is a new 2017 podcast that reminds us how easy it is to “slip into the rat race” as she puts it, and not really know what makes our life purposeful.

This podcasts fills you with inspirational wisdom from millionaires, business owners, best-selling authors, and newbies making it with their passionate pursuit online.

You’ll also hear some great methods for rewiring your brain, starting your side hustle, and taking actions that make you feel like you’re living a meaningful and fulfilled life.

Have you found yourself saying….

“When I get more money, I’ll be happy…”

“If I hit this next goal, then I’ll be happy…”

….then this is the podcast for you.


Podcast 2: The Mindful Kind

This podcast has been around for a few years, but I just started listening to it.

With me and podcasts - I start from the beginning - and can I say, “Wow”.

Rachael Kable started this podcast as a way to share her journey with mindfulness, while battling her fear of public speaking. The “wow” came from hearing how much she’s improved and shared since she began.

Like most of us, speaking publicly sends a quiver of fear through our voices, and makes our heart race. I noticed it at the beginning and applauded her for stepping out of her comfort zone to battle that fear. Since she’s began, that quiver has disappeared, and her content is still great for anyone who wants to develop a mindful habit.

If you want to learn easy, applicable ways to add mindful moments into your life, then this podcast has your name on it.


Podcast 3: Kwik Brain with Jim Kwik

This guy is a genius, which is interesting considering he says he actually suffered a brain injury earlier in his life.

The Kwik Brain podcast is made up of “bite-sized brain hacks for busy people who want to learn faster and achieve more”.

Clarity is a key end result here as you learn how to stay focused, organize info, solve problems, supercharge your brain and much more.

Jim Kwik tells you all about the abilities and limits of your brain, how to optimize it to work for you, and things you can do to actually learn faster. I’ve tried some of them, and I have to say that they’re amazing.

Looking for a brain hacking podcast? This one is definitely for you.


Podcast 4: The Lucky Bitch Podcast

Denise Duffield-Thomas is your go-to girl for manifesting epic wealth in your life.

You might not believe much in manifestation or visualization - but this woman will enlighten the shit out of you regardless.

I’ve followed Denise’s content ever since I picked up her Get Rich, Lucky Bitch book and devoured it.

The Lucky Bitch podcast gives you bite-sized money lessons for your business and life. Denise’s unique money mindset mentoring helps you see the blocks in front of your wealth, and actions to take that will open the flow of prosperity in your life.

Ready to reclaim your money power?

Take listen.


Podcast 5: Love Life with Matthew Hussey

Even if you’re not searching for love, this podcast gives amazing communication tips for you to use daily.

I stumbled over this bite-sized podcast while I was sitting at my soul-sucking 9-5. At first I thought, “I’m not looking for love. This doesn’t apply,” but I quickly learned that it was helpful in other ways.

Love Life with Matthew Hussey is an easy-to-listen podcast that gives you actionable tips to try out today. It works if you’re trying to communicate better with someone in your life, find a mate, or honestly, just make yourself better.

Confidence. Introvert’s guide to getting out there. Singles. In a relationship. Productivity. Interpersonal relationships at work or home.

This podcast has a bit of everything spun into love life advice.

The thing I like the most is that these tips are easily applicable to multiple areas.



Podcast 6: Presence Purpose Profit

This podcast is new and filled with tips to beat burnout, share ideas through your content, redefine work, and build a life that works for you. I created Presence Purpose Profit to share my journey, and help you give back to the world by focusing your journey on these three actions. Increase energy, engagement, and skills to share your ideas with the world when you listen every week. 

Let's make 2018 our bitch and share our amazing selves with the world. 


A few other podcasts I recommend that aren’t being updated, but still have kickass vibes:

  • Your Creative Life with Vanessa Carnevale and Kimberly Foster
  • She Makes Magic
  • The Brave Exchange
  • The Big Leap

2018 is your year for clarity, action and creating the life you’ve been dreaming of. It’s time to redefine how you work, and share your idea.

Podcasts are great alternative to music, especially if you just want a break from the monotony.

These podcasts will give you some clarity to get you closer to your goal.

Do you listen to any of these podcasts?

I’d love if you’d share it with me in the comments, along with what you like most about them!

Better yet, tell me of some other great ones I can get addicted to.

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