3 Myths about Your Idea That Are Holding You Back

I know you’ve been thinking about that big idea for a long time.

Maybe you’ve even started working on it.


You created a blog… a business… a Youtube channel… a rough draft of your awesome idea made real.

But when you think about putting out there, you freeze.

Yeah I’ve been there.

I thought, “This has been done before. I’m nothing new. What hell am I thinking? I can’t do this.”

And down the rabbit hole I went.

It wasn’t until I realized that I was listening to the bad juju of other people that I made any progress. Their “realistic” comments turned into negative thoughts and made the myths real.

Well, if you’ve been or are in that situation where the reasons you can’t are weighing you down, I’m here to knock that shit out your head.

Let’s go over some of the myths we hear about turning our ideas into something lucrative

Are you stuck in these idea myths? I can help you get out of them. Read on for more.


Myth 1: You can’t make money with that.

Says who?

Because everyone’s proved wrong at least once in their life.

20 years ago, the iPhone didn’t exist. In fact, the idea of it was probably considered crazy or futuristic. Now Apple is one of the leading technology companies in the world. They’ve redefined innovation - and their ideas are taking over the world.

Whatever idea you have can make money.

You just have to figure out the medium that will make the most sense for it, get clear on your angle, and find the right audience. (Sometimes timing is important, too.)

There are people creating products to cut baby food into pretty shapes and making a fortune.

Men and women teaching courses on all kinds of topics - watercolor painting, blogging, baking, tiny home living, woodworking, raising goats - and the possibilities are endless.

Self-published books are taking the world by storm. Professionally published books are rockin it, too.

Hell, blogs are making money through ads, courses, webinars, and services.

20 years ago - none of this was possible.

Now - there’s no limit.

The internet is your greatest tool and you can make money if you set yourself up right.

Think you can’t make money with that idea you have? I bet you can. I’ll show you how to figure that out down below.

This is for action takers:

Grab a pen and paper.

I want you to brainstorm 10 ways this idea of yours can be turned into a product, service, course or money-maker of any kind.

Once you reach 10, keep going. Make it up to 60 ideas - even if they’re crazy.

Ask yourself “what if” and let your mind go wild.

Don’t stop moving your hand. Don’t stop and think if it’s crazy or not.

Just write it down.


Myth 2: Too many people already have that idea.

True, but are they you?

A lot of people are chefs, but do they all work the same? No.

A lot of people write books about vampires. Are they all the same? Is only one of them making money from it? No.

There are quite a few bloggers and course creators that teach people about social media, but I might jive with one person’s style or method over the others.

That can be you.

Has the topic been done before? Figure out how you can improve on it.

Too saturated? Make yourself different. Be more specific. Tackle a crazy aspect of it.

Have a product you want to create or a book you want to write, but someone else has something similar? Figure out a way to make it different.

In no way am I condoning any type of copyright or patent infringement. Don’t do that.

(Because that’s pretty shitty.)

I’m gonna let you in on a few secrets - everything’s been done before, other people have the same idea you do, and people can have similar ideas and still make them into something.

A few examples:

  • Tech: Samsung, Apple, Google
  • Email List Services: Mailchimp, MailerLite, ConvertKit
  • Pens: Bic, Pilot, Uniball
  • Vampire TV Shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, Moonlight, Tru Blood
  • Course Platforms: Teachable, Kajabi, Udemy, Skillshare
  • Websites: Squarespace, Wordpress, Wix

All similar ideas made different by badasses who acted on their ideas and highlighted how they were different - plus how they benefit their audience.


Action-taker step:

Answer me this: How’re you different?

What do you have to offer that makes you unique?

I’m not saying that you have to be completely unique like you’re an alien or something, but what’s that one thing that would make me choose you over someone else?

Show your unique style to set yourself apart.

Write down 10+ ways people will benefit from working with you.

Now write down 10 more ways you’ll give to your audience. You’ll share that idea in a different way with the ways you give.


Myth 3: You’re not qualified (You’re not good enough)

Whoa whoa. Hold up.

Who said that to you?

I want you to take a deep look at who said those words. Whose voice are you hearing? That person wasn’t your friend if they think you’re not good enough.

Yes, there are some things that require a deeper level of qualification.

Doctors. Lawyers. Insurance people. Because those are jobs are frickin complicated.

But your idea is probably nothing like that. You might have an idea for a book, a business or product and you’re totally qualified AND good enough to share it with the world.

There are two ways you can be, which I have answers for  -

  • You’re actually not “qualified” to do something.

Answer: Learn how to do it. Get experience.

  • You think you’re not “qualified” because you’re not an expert.

Answer: I guess you haven’t gotten the update that you don’t need to be an expert to share or teach something. If you’re one step ahead of someone else, you can teach it. Share your knowledge. If you’ve got a product, create something or make connections to get it made.

If you have an idea - one that fixes a problem for someone - then there’s no such thing as not qualified.

And not good enough is someone else’s idea on you.

That’s their deal. Not yours.

Let’s talk about what you’re “qualified” for or think you’re not good enough to do. Leave me a comment.


Action-Taker Self-Sabotaging Shit You Need to Cut Out:

  • I don’t know how to do it

Answer: Figure it out. Take a class. Read a book. Research and test. You’ll figure it out fairly quick. Parents don’t know how to do it, but they figure it out through trial and error.

What are you qualified to teach or show someone? You do not need a degree. Only something you’re willing to give based on your experience.

  • What if they think I’m stupid

Answer: So what? Those aren’t your people. They’re critics and you don’t have to cater to them. You only have to focus on the people who are interested, supportive, and help you create more awesomeness.

You have to decide if you’re going to continue believing these myths or bust out of that shell and give your idea a shot.

Because that’s up to you. Not anyone else.

Want to stay where you are? Keep believing those myths.

If you want to change, start taking action with those steps.

A lot of unwanted crap can fill our minds with a haze, and before we know it our idea is a distant desire. Years may pass in jobs that we hate, cities we loathe, with people who don’t help you grow.

But if you’re ready to turn your idea into a project or business - sharing it with the world - that means you’re placing priority on your idea instead of others.

Tell me about a struggle you’re having when it comes to sharing or starting with your idea in the comments.

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