6 Reasons You Should Use Insight Timer to Meditate

Have you ever wanted more focus in your life? 

Meditation can do that for you - and the best part is there's no "right way" to do it. 

I learned how to meditate when I lived in Italy at the tail end of 2014, but when I returned to the States it was difficult to keep up with. 

A year passed and I was sucked back into the busyness of life, overwhelming stress, obligations, and quickly I headed to full blown burnout. 

Like many apps, I downloaded other apps that sat there unused, taking up the limited space on my iPhone. When 2017 turned out to be one of the most emotional, turbulent, and worst years of my life, I knew that I needed to change. 

Occasionally, I'd meditate, but I knew that I needed a presence practice that I could track, feel great about and consistently see progress with. 

Then came Insight Timer. 

Insight Timer wants to be the best free meditation app on the planet (accomplished), a place for meaningful income for mediation teachers and musicians, and a commercially conscious company, which is strong and sustainable.

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The owners didn’t turn to advertising to achieve this goal - which makes it unique against other meditation apps. They also don’t offer a limited amount of content and charge you for the meaningful stuff.

Instead, they’re dedicated to keeping it FREE.

I started using it because the features were the best compared to other meditation apps, and it gave me the accountability and motivation to meditate everyday. Slowly, it helped me peel myself out of the burnout hole I'd fallen into, and now I use it every day. 

Like a mini meditation teacher, I complete my daily routine with its help. I highly recommend it to anyone who is in burnout, wants to learn about mindfulness and mediation, or generally doesn't want to be stressed all the time.

I also have no affiliation with the company. I'm just sharing my honest opinion of this amazing app.

Ready to see what Insight Timer has to offer? Read on to see the 6 reasons you should use Insight Timer to meditate...


Thousands of Meditations for All Subjects

Guided Meditations and Timers

You can follow along with a pre-recorded meditation or set the timer of your choice.

There are so many meditations that you won’t ever get bored, and more are being added everyday. Music, no music. Guided, not guided. Strictly music without a mediation guide. There are even talks for you to tune in on.

The options are all there for you.



Insight Timer is User-friendly

Bookmark and review your favorite meditations and teachers.

After you’re done listening to a mediation you are prompted to rate and review it, although it isn’t necessary. Every meditation has its own page where you can see all the reviews, ratings, number of listens, and related items to help you out.

I like to scan the reviews if I haven’t tried the meditation before to see if anything would stop me from listening to it. Personally, I prefer meditations without music, although I like some of those. If the reviews say it’s too fast, I might pull back and so on.

They also provide premade playlists, so you don’t have to search through all the ones they have. You can choose them based on topics like “Focus”, “Creativity and Performance”, “Visualization” and much more. You can quickly build a library of favorites to come back to daily.

Journals, Reminders and Other Wonderful Things

The app also gives you a journal, which you can fill out as much as you want - and track it, too. Set daily meditation reminders, sync it to your Apple Health, and change the app to work for you.


Insight Timer Tracks Your Progress

Milestones, consecutive days, detailed charts and stats going back to the date you signed up, and the number of days with a session.

Being able to see the days, weeks, months, minutes, number of sessions and much more allows me to see my progress. If you meditate in consecutive days, you can reach milestones, although there are other ways to reach them, too.

I love being able to see how many days I’ve meditated, which allows me to challenge myself to meditate every single day.  

You can track your activity and see what meditations you participated in, too.



You have a Community

You can see everyone in the world using Insight Timer at the time you are.

How awesome is that?

I’m a super culture junkie that’s all about connecting, so being able to see how we connect all around the world is pretty awesome for me. Maybe you’re the same, which means you’ll love that feature, too.

You can also set up your personal profile, add friends and even join groups inside the app.

After completing a meditation you can share it with friends, and even thank people for meditation with you. It’s a small way to offer a stranger a thank you, show your gratitude and help them see they’re not alone.

Support your friends and feel supported yourself.



It’s Audience-Centered

They pay attention to what their customers want, and update quickly.

Offline Mode was introduced recently, and I have to say it’s one subscription I’m actually considering. You can subscribe for only $2.99 per month so you can download it to your device and listen offline, repeat the mediation, fast forward and rewind, and pick up where you left off.

A recent addition I LOVE is the way the app keeps tracking your meditation time after the guided meditation ends in case you want to keep going. This allows me to track my self-guided sections after the guide is done and add the time to my daily amount.


Free. No Ads. No Value-Gating.

And did I mention free?

Every free app I’ve used always has ads - which I can’t stand - but Insight Timer isn’t like that. They don’t gate content like some apps where you pay $5 a month and get access to all the good stuff. Everything is open to everyone.

They don’t lock content and force you to pay a subscription. You have full access to all the content. If you want extra features like offline listening, then you can pay the small fee, but it’s not gated like a lot of apps and programs.


If you have anxiety, need to find clarity or focus, want to start a presence practice, want to use meditation to get close to that vision we always talk about, or even visualize how to turn your idea into something epic, then Insight Timer is what you’ve been waiting for.


Have you tried meditation yet?

Tell me about your experience and why you stuck with it (or didn't). 

Interested in learning more about how meditation can work for you in your life and business? Leave me a comment and I'll share more tips with you regarding the practice. 


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