How to Create Content That Actually Helps Your Audience

Content MUST help your audience. 

There's no debate about that. 

If you're trying to sell a product without telling them how it benefits them, or how it will solve a problem for them, then you're wasting your time. 

These 3 steps will get you started on your content and products - and will help you attract an audience that best suits you, grows your email list and those who eventually become loyal customers. 

Ready to create content that actually helps your audience? Let’s get to it.

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Content that Actually Helps Your Audience Step 1: Figure out what they care about (in your niche)

This is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can ever understand about business, copywriting, people - anything.

Figure out what people care about and you can connect with them, market to them, build a relationship with them.

State Farm released commercials on spotify that talk about buying a car. The actors say things like, “This one will cost you 90 late nights at the office”.

This is genius marketing because they focus on what their customer cares about. It’s not about the car - the cup holders, the color, the stereo system. No. It’s about how much time their customer needs to pay that off. It’s about what they’re giving up and busting their ass for.

They figured out what their audience cared about and used it to help the customer understand the product they were selling. They showed their customer that they didn’t want them to sacrifice those late nights, and if they went with State Farm, they were taken care of.

This is how you create connection.

Figure out what your audience desires most - what they care about.

Take the item you’re selling, and figure out how it can help them get where they want, not sacrifice anything or create a better anything for that thing they care about.

You’re going to use this bit of information to build that connection with your reader when you start writing, creating videos, selling your products or services, sending out emails and everything else.

For example: You’re in the wedding business. Your ideal audience is probably a bride, or her wedding party. Some things they care about are:

  • Wedding day decor and details
  • The wedding dress
  • Having a stress-less day
  • How to plan the wedding
  • Family and friends having a good time
  • Remembering their wedding day

They might care about their father/daughter dance, a particular song or tradition, that their families don’t fight - whatever it is, you need to care about that, too.

You caring about your customer is the only authentic way to build an audience.

You basically say, “Hey, I get it. You feel (blank), want to spend more time (blanking), and have no clue how to get there. You’ve tried (blank), and don’t feel any closer. I felt the same. I was (blanking) all the time, until I discovered (XXXX), which helped me (blank), (blank) and (blank).”  

You can say all you want that you got from point A to point B with this product, but until you show that struggle, your customer won’t care.

I once cried from reading an email from Melyssa Griffin (mostly because I thought she was emailing me directly, back when I didn’t understand personalization in emails) but also because I felt her struggle and mine was the same. She might not have known me personally but her content showed me I wasn’t alone and that I could get to where I wanted to go.

You can do the same for your audience.

But you have to care.

I mean REALLY care.

If there is one thing you get from this post, make it be this.

Caring creates connection.

They’re not just another sale to you. That person matters to you, so show them. Remember what it was like to BE them.

Be frickin genuine dude because we already have wayyyyy too many companies that suck. Companies that don’t actually give a damn about their customers - and skeezy marketing shows it. You know that company I’m talking about. I bet you see it right now, get their emails or even worked for them.

Let’s not be them, shall we?

Action Item:

List everything you can think of that your customer cares about. Try listing out at least 10, but continue your list to 50, 60, and even more.

Get detailed. What do they care about? Why? What are some things they wish could happen?

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Content that Actually Helps Your Audience Step 2: Figure out their frustrations, struggles and problems

You’re going to solve them.

It sounds like a big promise to make - good. You’re doing that right now.

The content and products you provide will solve at least one frustration, struggle or problem for your audience.

You already figured out what they care about (above), but figuring out their struggles that are conflicting with those cares/desires will help you get them to pay attention.

It’s what you put in your post titles.

These struggles are probably directly interfering with what they care about.

The frustration might be keeping them from what they care about too, like financial freedom.

For example: You’re in the travel business and you cater to young college women. That means you have to figure out what some frustrations or struggles they have. Put yourself in their shoes:

“I’m frustrated with…”  

  • Not having enough money to travel
  • Not being able to make money while traveling
  • The lack of guides for young women traveling alone
  • My inability to speak other languages

“I struggle with…”

  • Saving money to travel or while traveling
  • Safe places to stay or travel
  • What to plan for

“I don’t know…”

  • If I need to take my cell phone with me. Does it even get service in other countries?
  • Everything I need to pack for several months of traveling.
  • What to do if I lose my passport while traveling.

You can figure out a lot of this by asking your audience in other forums (i.e. Facebook groups, Reddit, others blogs) or by putting yourself in their shoes.


Action Item:

Make a list of all the questions you get (or have heard) from people in your niche.

Try writing what you niche is at the top of your piece of paper, then list out the three statements I put above. “I’m frustrated with…” “I struggle with…” and “I don’t know…” then answer them.

Content that Actually Helps Your Audience Step 3: Give them solutions, small wins and actionable steps

Your content is going to inform, build, and create a new path for your audience. Everything you create will help them move away from their problems or frustrations and toward their desires.

For example: You work with writers. Some solutions or wins you can give them are:

  • A community to get feedback on their writing
  • Courses that teach them how to get their book ready for publishing and actually contact publishers
  • Retreats to create clarity and open themselves up to their best ideas
  • A challenge that help them write their novel
  • One-on-one feedback for their story
  • Actionable steps to create great characters
  • Take a look at their struggles and figure out how you can help them through it.

Small wins keep your audience engaged, too, because they can see quickly that what you’re telling them is working. They’ll keep coming back and feel confident that they can accomplish whatever goal they are working toward.

Action Item:

Look at the list of struggles and problems from above, and for each one, write down one thing you know that will help them pass that struggle.

The key to creating content, products and services that help your ideal audience is to understand what they care about within the subject you’re talking about with them. Create that connection through your content by saying, “Hey, I get it. You care about this stuff... This stuff frustrates you and I can help with that.”

Marketing works this way, too. Once you figure out what your audience cares about, you’re golden.

How You Connect with Your Audience

Care/Desire + Frustration = Content that Connects

Connective Content + Your Solution/Tips = Engaged Audience/Customer

I want you to take a look at the 3 lists you have above. Take one thing the person cares about, one frustration or struggle, and your solution to it.

Whatever content you create doesn’t have to be long or time consuming.

Write it out. Record it. Post it. Put it out there.


Final Action Items

  • Once you create that content, put a link in the comments below. I’d love to take a look at it.
    • Plus if you want feedback, let me know in the comment too.
  • Or if you’re not quite ready to post yet, and need some direction, post that comment below. I’ll get back to you.

Seeing you take one step toward what you want makes me giddy beyond anything you’ve ever seen.

Seriously, I’m kind of ridiculous with how much I squeal whenever my audience feel the inspiration - (so glad you guys can’t see that.)


Stay crazy.



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