6 Self Care Must-Haves for the Content Creator

How do you give back if you're not taking care of yourself first? 

You create content for your blog or business, right? You spend time coaching, on the services you offer, creating content for your website or blog, working a full-time job, taking care of everything and everyone else. 

It's draining. 

Causing you to fade and falter.

Or breakdown completely.  

"You can't pour from an empty cup" never made more sense than it does nowadays. 

We're constantly overwhelmed, stressed, and never have a enough time. 

If we don't rest though, our ideas can never thrive and our life will continue to deteriorate. 

I know you have amazing ideas, but you can't properly share them if you don't make self care part of your daily life. 

We gain physical strength by putting stress on the muscles, causing tears in the muscle fibers then they grow stronger by resting those muscles and letting them heal.

THAT'S how we get stronger - a steady flow of stress then rest.

Stress then rest.

Challenge then recouperation. 

Overuse and we break.

Underuse and we atrophy. 

Finding the balance for you is the key to keeping a sustained flow of content you can share with the world. 

I've been where you are. Overwhelmed, and overworked yet still fighting to create content and put it out there.

You need some ways to recuperate, increase energy and do what you love, which is why I put this post together.

Want to know the self-care must-haves for content creators? This post will shed some light on key rituals you need to create your best content.


Self-Care Must-Have #1: Create an Ideal Culture around You

You can’t create great content if you’re surrounded by shitty people, depressing surroundings, or negative environments.

Your brain doesn’t work that way, and any successful online business owner will tell you the same.

This can be...

Your direct environment - your physical surroundings.

  • Light. Feel. Comfort. Smell. Sound.
  • People you surround yourself with.
  • Inspiring vs. Negative energy.
  • Supportive team mates.
  • Micromanagers vs. leaders.


  • Social media. TV (yes this includes Netflix). Music.
  • Constant movement, like people passing by your workspace.
  • Unnecessary notifications.

Your environment directly affects how well you work.

Some people prefer commotion, noise and constant movement. Others need a deep work environment without people coming up to them or harsh lighting.

One thing to remember: A lot of what you think works best for you (i.e. listening to Netflix while working) probably doesn’t actually work for you.

The Danish culture has a word for this comforting environment - Hygge (pronounced Hoo-gah). It’s a quality of presence and an experience of being warm, and safe, where people and places give us courage and consolation - and how we invite intimacy and connection into our world.

A feeling of engagement, relatedness, belonging to the moment.

A sense of abundance and contentment.

It’s something we can’t quite define, but can feel it, sense it.

This environment-type is pivotal to your content creation. Think of some things that inspire you, make you feel safe, inspired or calm.

Candles. Music. Warm or twinkling lighting. Diffusing essential oils. Coffee or tea. Natural light. Nature. The fresh breeze. Color.

These are some of my Hygge surroundings.

What would make your surroundings more inspiring? List them and try to implement them in your home or office.


Self-Care Must-Have #2: Clarity Check-Ins

Have you ever felt like your mind was mimicking a Nascar race track?

I’ve had the days where a million to-do’s, ideas and obligations hit me, leaving my mind racing and my brain overwhelmed - and no work accomplished.

Every once in awhile we need to refocus on what we want, and listen to ourselves in the midst of a mind fog.

Creating content requires a form of clarity otherwise you’ll always feel like you have a million things to do, not enough time to do them, and that you’re never moving forward.

Too often we forget to check in, breathe in and let our minds form a plan or a reason why we need to do all these things.

What form this ritual takes on for you is different than what I need.

Meditation is my form of clarity. I love journaling, too, but meditation is my emergency contact, my saving grace in the distraction minefield. It’s my go-to for motivation, inspiration, visualization, and clarity.

What’s yours?

I like to think of meditation as my time travel ritual, too.

For any sci-fi junkie out there, this might help you take on this practice as your own.

Meditation gives you the unique opportunity to manipulate time… to slow it down and unlock a part of your consciousness that wasn’t available to you before.

It doesn’t take you where you necessarily want to go, but where you need to go (for all you Doctor Who fans, I hope you got that reference).

Find your clarity ritual - whether that’s meditation, a walk, journaling, or something else - and make it part of your daily ritual. Then add it as part of your emergency kit when you feel overwhelmed, angry, or frustrated.  

Clarity check-ins help you refocus, create better habits and develop the best content due to your clear mind.


Self-Care Must-Have #3: Mind/Body Connection Ritual

Yoga. Exercise. Tai Chi.

It’s proven that your brain works better after some form of movement or focus ritual.

I find I get the most done once I’ve hopped on the elliptical for 1-2 songs, did a quick 7-15 mn yoga routine, or participated in a meditation session.

Sometimes I’ll feel this build up of energy in my chest, like I want to cry and run a marathon (yet I hate running). It’s searching for an outlet, and the mind-body ritual is the only way I can get it out otherwise it overwhelms me and turns my into a blubbering mess.

Movement is medicine and our bodies are craving it in our idle world.

But don’t do something because you SHOULD do it, or others think you should. Find something you enjoy - dance, yoga, kickboxing, running - and make it part of you.

If you can’t find anything, not one single thing, then try doing something physical for 1-2 songs on your playlist. That’s a short time that makes all the difference. It’s how I make myself move when I feel like I never have time or energy. 1-2 songs is nothing.


Self-Care Must-Have #4: Spark Your Desire & Creativity

Painting. Writing. Graphic design. Coding.

Wood-working. Hair-styling. Hand-lettering. Budgeting.

Whatever sparks your creativity, follow it.

Make it part of your weekly actions - if not daily.

These are the things you love, so why would you not make them a part of your everyday development. You deserve that. You love it, so follow it.

You’ll create content that helps your business thrive if you feel inspired.

Hell, everything is better in life if you’re inspired, feeling fantastic. Follow that. It’s not a chore or one more thing to add to your to-do list. It’s not an obligation.

Follow what feels good.


Self-Care Must-Have #5: Interact with Your Tribe

I’m introverted, so I’m well aware of how draining social interactions can be - especially in the networking environment.

But there are some people that you just love being around - those that inspire you to take action. Sometimes these are people you know or those you meet in passing. Either way, they get you out of your head and interacting with the world -

- which is, ya know, who you’re trying to reach with your content.

It isn’t just about talking, but listening as well.

Listening to other people’s struggles, ideas, feedback and triumphs sparks your inspiration, too.

It’s easy to get lost in the alone-ness when you don’t have a partner, child or roommate. You need these social interactions though - and no, your co-workers at work don’t count.

Go to a networking event. Join a dinner party or call a few friends to meet up. Contact some fellow entrepreneurs and just talk via Skype. Grab a glass of wine or a beer, and talk. You have no idea what it might bring.


Self-Care Must-Have #6: Rest

When you workout, your muscles break down.

Did you know that?

A lot of people think that the harder you workout your muscles, the more weight you put them under, the stronger you’ll be.

Your muscles break apart when you add stress and until you rest, they’re doing nothing for you.

(So if you’re killing yourself with exercise and you feel exhausted, stop. Rest.)

The same goes for working non-stop, trying to pound out as much content as possible or stewing on a problem.

Yes, bust your ass for what you want, but know when your body needs sleep.

If you feel tired, and doing Yoga or a trip to the gym doesn’t fix it, then stop. Rest. Take an hour nap and try again. Go to bed early. Take a walk. Lay down and listen to music.

Your body is telling you to stop.



Find clarity in your needs…

...so you can connect with people...

...so you can create.

You can’t create content, run a business, or make money if you don’t take care of yourself. 

What are some of your self-care rituals? Leave me a comment below and share your must-haves to create epic content. 

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