Creative Jumpstart for the Overwhelmed Female Entrepreneur

Have you felt like you’re drowning in work for your online business?

There are too many to-do lists, blog posts, email campaigns and social media posts to handle. Ideas of growth are on your mind, but you never quite have the time. You’re desperate for more time, exhausted from the smallest number of tasks and NEVER feeling like you have time to be creative anymore. “Overwhelm” is just the tip of the iceberg.

But didn’t you start this business to feel calm, focused and connected with the work you’re doing? You wanted to more time for the fun, free and flowing - to travel or spend time with family and support your flexible lifestyle - yet your work is never-ending.

Ready to feel clear, creative, and focused?

Creative Jumpstart for the Overwhelmed Female Entrepreneur gives you one-on-one support to:

  • Develop space for you to thrive in your life. We’ll remove the things that aren’t working and hone in on specific things that are ideal for you so you can reach your goals, not struggle day-to-day, and reduce overwhelm that’s threatening your sanity and your freedom. You’ll finally have time to get all the things done that matter to you - and stop wasting each day focusing on the dirty work.

  • Set up systems that give you foundational freedom to kickass. We’ll dive into dozens of ways you can establish a healthy, strong foundation that will allow you to feel that creative flow daily, instead of constantly having to hit restart at the smallest sign of overwhelm.

  • Build your business around your ideal life, not the other way around. We’ll tackle personal struggles that are putting a kink in your progress, and create energizing rituals that support you even when you feel like you can’t do it.



8 Weeks of 1-Hour 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Support via messenger and email


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8 Weeks of Your Life

$3,000 for organization, a massive mindset shift, focus and freedom


Payment Options:

1 Payment - $3000 |  2 Payments - $1,650